Power BI Navigator

An easier way to navigate Power BI! This extension helps you get to any workspace, dataflow, or dataset more quickly, and adds some color back into Power BI.

Open the Navigator and

** You can hold shift or control when you press enter or click your mouse to open the selected item in a new tab **

Default shortcut key (use Command instead of Control on Mac, and/or customize your options at chrome://extensions/shortcuts)

Control + Shift + P: Navigator Bar

Contribute to this extension at https://github.com/dannysummerlin/powerbi-navigator

Maintainer(s): Danny Summerlin open to others!


MIT License

Privacy Policy

This extension only runs locally in communication with your Power BI tenant. No data is collected from any user, nor is extension activity tracked or reported to a third-party.

Terms of Service

This extension is not intended to support the work of any individual or organization that is discriminatory or outright illegal.